Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adventures in Brotherland

We've been lucky that we've had lots of family and friends visit us while we've been living in Australia. Our latest visitor was my little brother. He was here for four weeks and we did our best to show him our favorite things about Australia, plus get in a few new things ourselves. Here's my top 10 most memorable adventures Ryan and I had this time.

1. We got stuck in a cyclone.

The intent was to go up to Queensland and spend a few days hiking around the rainforest and swimming on the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, Cyclone Ita decided to visit at the same time. What that meant was we spent a couple of days in a hotel room or driving around trying to find roads that weren't closed due to flooding or fallen trees.

2. When we weren't stuck in the hotel room during Cyclone Ita, we checked out the local souvenir shops.

3.  We went for a drive on the Great Ocean Road.

This is a beautiful, winding road in along the stretch of Australia. Along the way, we saw stunning views of the ocean as well as some amazing rock formations.

4. Forget lions and tigers and bears. We got to pet kangaroos and wombats and Ryan held a snake. 

5. We spent a few nights in Melbourne. From there, we made trips to see Little Penguins and more cool rock formations.

6. Ryan took the Food Challenge and also beat it. (He made fun of the High Tea experience but I think he secretly enjoyed it.)

7. There may have been some swimming in crocodile infested waters. To be fair, we didn't see the sign until we were headed back to the car.

8. We saw some rocks on the beach. Only they weren't rocks and when we tried to stand on them, we sank to our knees in black goop.

9. I laughed hysterically while Ryan had a conversation with a parrot.

10.  We talked and talked and talked. Like only brothers and sisters can do. And that was my favorite part.

And somewhere in all that, Ryan took a trip to the Red Centre of Australia to visit Uluru National Park and ride the Ghan train up to Darwin. But I'll let him tell you all about that adventure...

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  1. You guys had quite the adventure! What cool pictures. You are going to look back on this time with fondness. Hugs


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