Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Can Play That Game

Four days off work...what to do?

Due to a terrible head cold on my part, we stayed home for most of our long weekend. But that didn't stop us from having fun. Instead, we spent a good part of the weekend playing board games.
Carcassonne, one of our favorite games, introduced to us by our good friends Ian and Heather
In Colorado, we had lots of board games and card games. Way too many to bring to Australia. When we moved, we still managed to find room in our luggage for all of our favorite 2+ player games. Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Quiddler, Five Crowns, Tigers and Goats, and Magic (yes, that card game that was popular when we were in elementary school).

A few weeks ago, we visited Mind Games, the local game store and added two other games to our collection. (Btw, games are expensive here! If I hadn't won a cash prize contest at work, we probably wouldn't have splurged on two games. Think of what you would pay for two board games, times that by three and it's around what we paid.)

Qwirkle, our new favorite game
Our favorite of the two new games is Qwirkle, a strategy game that matches 6 different shapes and 6 different colors. If you've played the card game Set, it kinda reminds me of that, but less frantic. Every time we've played it, our scores have been relatively close. I'm really curious to see how different it will be with more than two players.  

Our other new game, Dominion.
The second game we bought is called Dominion and it's a card game. Drew compared it to Monopoly in that you have to accumulate money to purchase land. At first, I thought it was just a game of luck but as we played it more, I realized that there is a lot of strategy involved as well. It's similar to Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan in that you can buy various expansion packs to go along with it.
Mandy, surrounded by cards, tea, and tissues.
Minus the being sick part, we had a fun and relaxing weekend. I'm glad to know that as we head into the short,cold days of winter, we have lots of good games to play. What are some of your favorite games?

Oh, and in addition to playing games, we started planning our next big trip. We're thinking the Kimberleys in May.


  1. Feel better Mandy! I look forward to hearing about the Kimberleys :)

  2. Isn't Qwirkle great? Peter got that for me a couple Christmases ago and it's a definite crowd-pleaser. And we've only recently played Carcassone for the first time somehow--love it! Hope you feel better!

  3. We miss game nights with Andrew and Mandy! Feel better Mandy :)

  4. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but glad you had some time to play games! And even though you were sick, you still looked great :)

  5. I have heard really good things about Dominion. You won a contest? Congratulations!


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