Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained here for eight days straight.  The bottom fell from the sky and torrential downpours ensued.  It was a toad strangler, a gully washer.

Dams overflowed in Canberra and near Sydney.  Pastures and roads flooded.  Homes were evacuated. 

We went for runs in the rain, not wanting to be cooped up for another second.  We danced in the rain (well, I danced and Drew laughed). My favorite umbrella, which languished in a closet for six years in Colorado, finally got a lot of love.

And today the sun came out. 


  1. wow. It is hard to imagine 8 days of rain. and p.s. that umbrella is super cute. Glad you got to use it. . . sort of.

  2. I love that you danced in the rain. I hate being cooped up inside, too. Hooray for sunshine :)

  3. Life is too short to NOT dance in the rain. Love this post.


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