Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Australian Art of Abbreviation

Aussies love to abbreviate words.  There are the stereotypical ones such as "G'day" for Good day and "Oz" for Australia.  That's just the beginning though. Over the last couple of months, we've been collecting our favorite abbrevos* and here they are.

Words We've Heard & What They Mean 
arvo = afternoon
brekkie = breakfast (sometimes spelled "brekky")
bikkie = biscuit (which is actually a cookie)
volly = volunteer
rego = registration (specifically vehicle registration)
bikie =biker (refers to someone in a motorcycle gang)
mozzie = mosquito
sanger = sandwich
ute = utility truck
Esky = Eskimo brand portable cooler
footy = football (which actually refers to either rugby, Aussie rules football, or soccer.  American football is called "gridiron".)
push bike = bicycle
Noah / Noah's ark = shark (rhyming slang)
pollie = politician
roo = kangaroo
sickie = claiming a 'sick day' from work directly before or after a public holiday
ta = thanks, used casually
Maccas = MacDonald's
uni = university
journo = journalist
Salvo = Salvation Army

**Abbrevo is not actually an Aussie abbreviation - it's just one that we've made up.  But I think it works well, don't you?  :)


  1. Haha--these are great! And funny enough, there's some UK overlap. Peter and his family say "brekkie" and his cousin and I once had a very confused email exchange over his use of "ta." :)

  2. Wow- I never would have thought ta was related to thanks. at all. Thanks is already an abbreviation for thank you. we are just getting lazy I guess. = ) Off to clean up from brekkie.


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