Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tasman Sea Creatures: Photos from our Lord Howe Trip

During our trip to Lord Howe Island, we had fun frolicking in the tidal pools and snorkeling over the coral reefs.  Check out some of the amazing animals that we were able to photograph.

Tidal Pool Critters

  1. Anemone Hermit Crab - These crabs attach anemones to their shells for camouflage & protection.
  2. Giant clam - tickle their lips and they squirt water at you.  :)
  3. Orange sea star
  4. Sea urchin - This one had been critically wounded, mostly likely by a starfish, before we found it.  However, it's spines were still moving, making it a ticklish handful.
  5. Blue sea star.  We also saw a Seven-armed Starfish but our picture of it didn't turn out so well.
  6. Nudibranch! (pronounced like 'new-da-brink') These are some of my favorite sea creatures and the different varieties can be very colorful. This particular variety is known as a Sea Hare.
 Fishy Photos Taken With Our Underwater Camera
  1. White Mouth Moray Eel
  2. A Bird Wrasse - so named for it's orange beak-like snout.
  3. butterfly fish - This species is actually quite large tho you can't tell it from this picture.
  4. damselfish that lives on the Blue Staghorn coral
  5. Book Fish - These guys were very territorial and could often be seen chasing other fish away.  They were also pretty fearless and would swim right up to us.
  6. Parrotfish Wrasse or Moon Wrasse (hard to tell)
The Shark That Went Swimming With Andrew
Photo from Wikipedia Commons
Drew has always expressed a somewhat irrational fear of sharks (he makes us take our wedding rings off when we swim in the ocean since sharks are attracted to silver sparkles).  So when we saw a shark swimming near the corral reef at Ned's Beach, I was quite surprised to hear him say that he was still going to get in the water.  I certainly wasn't going to go swimming with sharks!  Feeling confident that the shark was more interested in the fish being fed nearby, Drew swam off towards the reef.  During his swim, he did come face to face with the shark which, to be fair, was only about 4 feet long. Drew stared it down and then followed it for a bit when it swam away, thoroughly enjoying his shark experience.  We later learned that it was a blacktip reef shark.  Blacktip reef sharks are not known to be aggressive and the only reports of shark bites to humans have occurred in murky water.


  1. Looks awesome- love the underwater camera action! And I am super impressed that Drew swam with a shark. super impressed. Guess he doesn't need that tattoo after all. = )

  2. Oh my goodness! These photos are absolutely incredible, and I cannot BELIEVE that Andrew swam with a shark! Now if he can just hopscotch with a grizzly bear, he'll have faced all his fears! :)

  3. P.S. This makes me really want an underwater camera.

  4. Awesome pics! The giant clam was my fav! :]

  5. Paul held a shark while we were in Mexico - but I did not! ;)


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