Friday, November 25, 2011

Americans in Australia

The past two weeks have been very busy for us.  Just when I was starting to feel a little bit homesick, we had a slew of American visitors.  It was so nice to hear American accents and it was interesting to rediscover Canberra through their eyes.  There are so many little cultural differences that we don't notice anymore...which is a good thing - it means we're settling in to life here.

Our first guests
Last week we had our very first guests and we had so much fun with them! My college roommate Catherine and her husband stayed with us for three nights.  Highlights of the visit included petting a koala and seeing a platypus (very rare—even most Australians haven't seen one!). 

Australia's first visit from President Obama
The capital city was all abuzz last week when President Obama visited Canberra.  It was his first visit to the country and everyone was excited. Australians are very politically active, probably because voting is mandatory.  However, they are also very knowledgeable about world politics.  Most of the people we socialize with are even following the primaries in the States!  President Obama stayed in Canberra for a day and a half, speaking to Parliament and visiting the Australian War Memorial. Our guests, Cath and Ben, were touring around Canberra the same day and saw the president's motorcade as it drove away from the Australian War Memorial. We all had a good laugh that the closest any of us had been to our own president was in a foreign country!
President Obama visits Canberra
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CU grad students visit for research
Andrew spent two weeks camping and collecting data at his research area in early November.  Sadly, I couldn't go with him, but he did have company.  Two grad students from the University of Colorado were also collecting data for their own research projects.  After the data collection, Kika and Jeff stayed in Canberra for another two weeks, processing their samples.  We had so much fun while they were in town, trying new restaurants and even going to the ballet one night.

* * *
All of our American friends have gone home now and we're looking forward to welcoming our next guests.  Hint Hint. :)


  1. Ah ha! Nice job Andrew- you were very brave. I can't wait for my turn to come and touch a koala! Have a great trip.
    (P.S. Have you used the TimTams as a straw yet? My dad's buddies from Australia told him to bite both ends off and drink milk through it. Now that I am typing that- it seems like a joke- but that is what he told me. Yum.)

  2. I haven't tried the TimTam straw trick yet but several people here have told me about it. I'm waiting for your visit! :)


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