Sunday, October 16, 2011

Koalas and Wallabies and 'Roos, Oh My!

Last Saturday, Drew and I ventured 40 minutes south of Canberra to Tidbinbilla, a nature reserve and national park.  Several of our friends had recommended it and, thanks to Mia Kia, we finally had the wheels to take the trip.  After a nice drive through the rural outskirts of Canberra, we arrived at the Welcome Center, signed up for an annual pass (only $30!), and started our hike.

The weather couldn't decide if it wanted to be sunny or rainy, but we didn't mind a little bit of rain.  Especially since the guide book touted kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and platypuses.*

Over the course of our day, here's what we saw:
  • kangaroos (at least 100)
  • one koala, curled up into a ball and sleeping in the crook of a tree
  • one shy Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby
  • several Swamp-wallabies
  • kookaburras
  • magpie geese
  • an emu
  • ducks, loons, and a grebe

Sadly, we didn't see any platypuses, probably because of the rain.  However, we found the spot where they are normally seen and we're "mustard keen"** to go back and try again.

*Platypuses - Did you know that there is no scientifically correct pluralization of platypus?  Scientists use both "platypuses" and "platypus" to signify multiples.  However, "platypi" has found its way into the common lexicon.  A quick Wikipedia search told me that platypi is a pseudo-Latin term and that if we were to use the Greek translation it would be "platypodes."

**Mustard Keen - An interesting phrase that I heard someone use the other day.  Apparently, it has its origins in Olde English.


  1. Hi Mandy, I love the fun facts you've got in here! I haven't been to Tidbinbilla, it looks like you met lots of furry friends :)

    I don't know of any other bloggers from the Canberra/ACT region, do you?

  2. Awesome! And I love the footnotes. :) Reminds me of this:

  3. This sounds really amazing. The koalas and kangaroos are so cute. Did you get to pet them?

  4. I have to our year and a half of going to Tidbinbilla, we NEVER saw a single platypus. Really disappointing. We LOVED it there though. One of my favorite parts is the park and the "flying fox"...please tell me you stopped to play at the park :) And if it next time!

  5. So much fun! Are you accepting visitors? HA!

  6. Sorry to hear about the platypus- they are so cool. And weird.

    I love how you got the pictures to all mesh- how did you do that?


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