Saturday, October 22, 2011

Floriade - A Festival of Flowers

Floriade is a flower festival held every spring in Canberra. The main attraction is the flower beds which have a new theme every year.  This year's theme was A Feast for the Senses. In addition to the flowers, there are musical performances, a crafts market, and amusements for kids, such as spinning tea cups and  a Ferris Wheel.  It's a pretty big deal in the city.  As in, at least ten people have asked me, "Have you been to Floriade yet?"  (Ten people is pretty much my entire collection of friends/acquaintances so far.)

Drew and I went to the festival earlier this month and we spent an afternoon walking around the grounds.  We saw heaps of blooming tulips.  It reminded me of the spring gardens on Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.  We saw twirling fairy ladies on stilts, a group of old men playing ukeleles, and a street organ.  We browsed the market, and bought some local, raw honey (good for allergies!) and three jars of herbal tea.  I drooled over gourmet chocolate and type-writer key jewelry.

  And here are two of my favorite things from the day...

Birdcage lights!  Floriade has a bunch of nighttime concerts and events, so they strung bulbs in birdcages and hung them on trees to light the way.  The effect was very whimsical.

Cabbage beds.  These were tucked in next to the tulips and pansies, reminding everyone that flower beds can be beautiful as well as nutritious.


  1. Love it! Looks like a lot of fun. Why no pics of the cool jewelry?

  2. I've gone for two years now. This year was my husband's first visit. We had some amazing food and such a relaxing day - weather was good to us as well. Today we're off to the Botanical Garden for a picnic, have you been there yet?


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