Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Has Arrived

Today is the first official day of Spring in Australia. In my head, it still feels like I should be getting ready for fall.  I wonder how it will feel to have my birthday in the middle of spring instead of in the middle of fall, how strange it will be to have a summertime Christmas.  I do know that I am looking forward to spring and summer.  And more daylight.

Here are some pictures of flowers in bloom here in Canberra.  Hope you enjoy them!

Golden Wattle Tree, official floral symbol of Australia.  Sadly, Andrew seems to be allergic to them.
The common name for the yellow flower is Birthday Candle.

This picture doesn't do this brilliant indigo-hued flower justice.  This flowering creeper is Hardenbergia, more commonly known as Australian Lilac.

I'm pretty sure this is a cherry tree which is not native to Australia.

Flowers of the grocery store variety.  :-)


  1. Love your pictures...especially those with a "vintage" feel.

  2. I love that one of the flowers is called a "Birthday Candle" flower! You guys are lucky you're going into springtime/longer hours, I'm getting sad that summer is coming to a close and the sun is setting earlier and earlier - but at least it's football season :) So neat that your bday is now in the spring instead of fall haha!

  3. Thanks, Casey! I've really gotten in to using Instagram on my iPhone. It has all kinds of cool filters.

    Annette - we miss you! If you need a bit of summer, just come visit us over fall winter break. :)

  4. I am still trying to get used to you being all the way over there. But what gorgeous buckets of color you have brought us.

  5. Yeah for spring! We are going into fall here. It was cool today- I had the windows open all day!


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