Monday, September 19, 2011

The Birds of Our Backyard

One of my favorite things so far about Australia is the beautiful birds.  I noticed it when we first arrived and, as the seasons are changing, we've seen several more varieties.  Parrots have been on my mind a lot lately as they seem to be migrating this way.  I also read an article in Australia Geographic about pet parrots escaping and teaching English to wild parrots.  I haven't heard any parrots say hello to me yet but I swear that there is one living next to the crosswalk in our neighborhood who knows how to mimic the Walk sound.

Luckily, we don't have to go far to see amazing birds.  The entire east wall of our living room is made up of glass windows which look out towards several large Eucalyptus trees. The trees are home to ravens and magpie larks, both of which are fairly common all over the city.  The special thing about our trees, though, is that every morning, just about the time that I sit down with my tea, flocks of parrots perch on the branches and start flitting around.

So far, I've recorded three types of parrots in our backyard. The most common variety is the Crimson Rosella.  They are year-round residents of Canberra and I see them almost every morning.

Crimson Rosella parrot
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Last week, I was sitting in the living room and saw a flock of bright green parrots in the trees.  They were very active, flying from branch to branch and chattering away.  These Superb parrots (yes, that is their name and their colors really are superb!) are rare in Canberra and only visit us in spring and summer. 

Superb parrot
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My most recent parrot sighting was on Friday when I saw several Australian King-Parrots.  It's the largest of the parrots in Canberra and we have also seen flocks of them at the Botanic Gardens near Drew's office.

Australian King-parrot
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Now you can see why I have an inordinate fondness for the birds here.  They are so big and colorful!  I love the fact that I am able to see so many varieties just by sitting in my living room.  Here's one last little guy...

He's a Red-rumped Parrot and he was foraging by the lake one day when I went for a walk.  The females of the species are a dull brown color and both sexes are very tiny compared to the other species of parrots.  They may very well visit the trees behind our house, but I probably wouldn't be able to spot them without binoculars.

Now if I could just spot a Rainbow Lorikeet...


  1. I love these birds, especially the Superb Bird! How fun to be there, discovering new things every day - I'm only a wee bit jealous :)

  2. Wow--that must be quite a view! They are all so gorgeous. Makes me want to move to Australia! :)

  3. So gorgeous. You are a lucky girl.

  4. Beth Kephart says we should be friends and I believe her so here I am to learn about you and your adventures. These birds are beautiful. I'd love to see the Eucalyptus trees you see from your window!

  5. I am using your birds for my computer background. :) Love them!!

  6. Thanks for visiting, Melissa! Beth is fabulous and I'm glad she introduced us. I'm looking forward to checking out your blog. :)


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