Monday, August 1, 2011

Our first package!

We got our first package this week - yay!  Andrew's parents sent us some bath and hand towels for the house.  Since we're basically starting over from scratch, these were much needed and much appreciated.

I learned my first lesson about Aussie mail though.  They don't deliver packages to your addressat least not in our neighborhood.  Instead, they put a "You've got a package" slip in your mailbox and you have to bring that to the post office to collect your package.  Not a big deal since the post office is only about 4 blocks from our apartment.  Once there, I showed my ID, collected my package, and enjoyed the sunny walk home.  Still, it's a bit different from Boulder where I was on a first name basis with one of the post office guys.  Don, I miss you, man, and your awesome customer service.

Fingers crossed that we get enough packages for me to be on a first name basis with the post office ladies here.  :-)


  1. Yay!! You have a blog! Now I can read about your adventures as I leave :) The mail thing is so annoying. I just got a slip today and went to pick up Tanami's US passport. You'll see that they drive around on little motorbikes instead of trucks...which are kind of cool. And even though I have been here a year I can't say for sure, but pretty positive mail doesn't run on Saturdays here.

  2. Yay, you found me! :)

    Yeah, I'm finding the mail to be a bit unreliable. Twice I've gotten mail that was not addressed to me - didn't even have the right street address!

  3. Yeah Mandy- I love the blog- looks great. I can't wait to catch up with you and glad to have a way to stay in touch. I miss you terribly. We went to a Rockies game last night (Chris won tickets from work) and I thought of you the whole time. We lost, but you would have loved it. hugs friend.

  4. I'm so glad you are writing a blog. We can't wait to hear about your Aussie adventures. I want man-eating bugs, frighteningly poisonous things and unearthly creatures! Miss you tons!

  5. Taryn - ohh, I'm definitely missing baseball. Glad you guys had fun!

    Heather - We haven't seen anything poisonous yet. I am kinda glad but also feeling a bit cheated. Of course, when we do see a poisonous create, I'm hoping it's very far away. :)


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